Thai Food


Food is a significant part of Thai culture and is widely recognised as some of the best food in the world. Thai food offers a seemingly endless range of flavours and fusions to tempt your taste buds. You will soon notice that rice is a staple part of the Thai diet and in fact the expression to eat “kin khao” literally translates to eat rice! The choice of food indulge in ranges from delicious street food to up market restaurants and everything in-between!

Street food is likely to be some of the best food you will taste. It’s quick, fresh and the best part is you can watch it being cooked for you! See how talented these street vendors are and how tasty Thai food is. Expect to pay around 40 or 50 baht for a meal at a street vendor! Not bad for around £1.00! The variety of food on offer, particularly in the markets will certainly leave you wanting to try more!

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